Passage à l’acte

Acting out


In the first episode, we meet Jacques, the patriarch of the Lambert family. He is a notary in Rouen, a small French city with big secrets. He is alone in his favourite restaurant celebrating his 70th birthday and his retirement. Jacques prefers to celebrate alone because he despises his whole family with the exception of his daughter, Claire. All of a sudden, Jacques chokes on an oyster and dies… But was the oyster the real culprit? Curiously, just before his death, Jacques recorded a last will and testament.  Meanwhile, Jacques’s wife Philomène and their son, Jean-Baptiste, learn the news of Jacques’s death. This is potentially life-changing news as they stand to inherit Jacques’s vast fortune.

At the funeral, Claire reads her father’s will to the rest of the family. To everyone’s surprise, Claire is the sole beneficiary and thus will take control of the family notary firm.

This news tears the family apart: Philomène and Jean-Baptiste’s dreams are shattered while the younger son Gilles is excluded as usual. Jacques’s business partner, Michel, also wants his piece of the pie.

And where does that leave Monique, Jacques’s secret daughter? To top off the evening, Claire too, chokes and dies, right at the funeral. Could these two deaths be linked?

The police officer Lamblin will begin his investigation which promises to uncover a lot of family secrets.


Passage à l’acte was originally one of my novels. I wanted to adapt it for audio because of the strength of the characters. These are people we’ve all met in real life. And the setting, the provincial “bourgeoisie”, an inexhaustible source of entertainment.
When I was writing my novel, I saw my characters in my mind. Through the podcast, they came to life.

Pierre Serisier



Pierre Serisier became a journalist to tell stories. In the early 2000s, he began writing novels and worked as an editor for Editions de L’Aube. There, he managed the thriller genre, one of Pierre’s passions. Then he covered TV shows for Le Monde des Séries. TV is another of Pierre’s passions. After exploring writing through journalism and fiction, Pierre began to write for the ear, a new way of telling stories. He is also the founder of the Paris Podcast Festival.

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